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    Drop Shipping

    What is Dropshipping?

    Our dealers don’t have to purchase our products in stock as usual. They just need to spend time and money in advertising our products. When they get orders, they place the order with us and we can ship the order to their clients directly. We are doing our best to have all our products in stock, so that the orders can be shipped to clients very quickly. In the future, we’ll have warehouse in Europe and North America, to further shorten the delivery time.

    The benefits of Dropshipping service to our dealers

    • Low risk: The dealers don’t have to spend money on purchasing inventory.
    • Easy to get started: The dropshipping service encourage new dealers to try to sell our products in their countries.
    • Less capital
    • No warehouse required

    However, the dealers can get more margin and shorten the waiting time of clients by purchasing in bulk to have stock. Therefore, dropshipping service is good for new dealers and new products. When dealers resell our products for some months and sell well, it is better to make purchase plans.