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    Why supply light testing service?

    • Sometimes dealers can not get enough practical data or might doubt the test results offered by their suppliers, and prefer to get the testing data from a trustworthy third party.
    • We help dealers to test the lights they purchase from other suppliers in China.
    • We specialize in lights for Film, TV, and video for some years, and know something about how to test the lights, by using the professional spectrograph.


    What kind of parameters we offer?

    Basic parameters:

    • CCT, CRI Ra, CQS, TLCI(Qa),
    • GAI, TM-30-15 Rf, TM-30-15 Rg,
    • Flicker Percentage, Flicker Index, Flicker Frequency
    LED light test parameter

     Professional parameters and charts

    • CRI R1 ~ R15, Spectrum
    • TLCI Color Checker, Colorist Advice, TLCI/TLMF metadata report
    • Photometric data in both Lux and foot candle at different distance.
    LED light test parameter


    LED light test CRI
    CRI(Ra)R1 ~ R15



    LED light test spectrum



    LED light test TLCI color checker
    TLCI Color Checker



    LED light test Colorist Advice
    Colorist Advice



    LED light test TLCI/TLMF metadata report
    TLCI/TLMF metadata report



    LED light test TM-30-15



    LED light test CIE1931



    LED light test CIE1976


    LED light test IEC-SDCM


    LED light test C78.377-2008


    LED light test C78.377-1976


    LED light test photometric data
    Photometric data in both Lux and foot candle at different distance as clients required.