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    Product Description and Specifications

    Soft light, Bi-color, CRI and TLCI >=95

    • The light source used of this LED panel 30x40cm PS120 is Ultra bright SMD LED and the beam angle is 120 degrees. The light is more soft and even.
    • The Bi-color 3200K-5600K give more color choices.
    • The CRI is 95+. The TLCI is 97 for Tungsten and 95 for Daylight.

    Aluminum frame and portable

    The body is aluminum frame. It is solid, scratch-free, and good for heat dissipation. The panel thickness is about 4 cm and the weight is 3.68 kg. It is very portable to carry.

    Sold as a kit

    The panel is sold as a kit including barndoors, diffusor, AC adapter, remote control, battery plate, yoke.

    How to control the light

    The light supports Manual control, 2.4G wireless remote control and DMX control.
    • Manual control: Turn the knob to adjust the color temperature when the blue Color bright; Turn the knob to adjust the brightness when the blue Dimmer bright; Press Dimmer/Color button to switch between Dimmer and Color.
    • Remote control: Use the remote control to adjust the color and brightness when blue 2.4G bright.
    • DMX control: connect the network cable DMX IN/OUT (RJ45) to control the light by DMX controller when blue DMX bright. Press DMX/2.4G button to switch between 2.4G remote control and DMX control.

    The thin and smooth knob

    Both the color and dimmer are controlled by one knob. And the knob is thin and smooth to turn. The knob is very durable.

    Quick Released Barndoors

    The whole barndoors can be installed and released quickly, don't have to have the screws off.

    V-Mount plate with D-tap output

    The V-Mount plate on the light has a D-tap output, which makes the battery power other equipment via D-tap cable when giving power to the light
    Power: 120W
    LED quantity: 1200pcs
    CCT: Bi-color 3200K-5600K
    CRI: 95+
    TLCI: Tungsten 97; Daylight 95
    Dimmer: 10%-100%
    Beam angle: 120 degrees

    Light source: Ultra bright SMD LED
    Remote control: 99 channels 2.4G wireless remote control
    Remote control distance: 50m +
    DMX512: YES (RJ45)
    Available battery: V-mount Battery
    DC power input: DC 13-19V

    Adapter: DC19V 6.7A
    Dimension of the light panel: 300*400*46mm
    Dimension of the whole light: 410*500*70mm
    Light weight: 3.68 kg including light panel, yoke, barndoors and diffusor;
    Package weight: 6.55kg

    What are included

    The Light
    V-Mount Battery Plates
    Barndoors, diffusor
    Remote Control
    Power Supply

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